Saturday, February 13, 2016

Not so much done just giving up on this drawing. Some influence from At the Mountains of Madness and Knights of Sidonia...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Progress on a new piece. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Whisperer Out of Time

This drawing draws inspiration from Borges and HP Lovecraft. The buildings again refer to the Library of Babel while the image of the tourists and Pluto come from The Shadow Out of Time and The Whisperer in the Darkness. I'm beginning to pull away from literal illustration and going to more personal interpretation to achieve my own ends. 

Original sketch that the final drawing is based on.

Witness the Mountains of Madness

I took a break from Borges and my usual reading list to explore science fiction literature and see what I was able to extrapolate from it. I can't remember why but H.P. Lovecraft seemed like the right author to explore at this time in my life. Having never read him I did not know what to explore but was pleasantly surprised at what I found. His personal believes on race not so much. I got from his stories a fear of the unknown and how existence itself becomes more traumatic when knowledge of the unknown is grasped. Given my appreciation for science and skeptical inquiry I could not see it (though HPL himself expressed similar interests.) Maybe it's the good fortune of living in this time that allows me a more optimistic outlook. Whatever the reason, I decided to revisit the idea of the tourist in the image and using her to defang the horror of unknown. 

Beginning stages of the drawing.

Ruins of a Library

Another image inspired by Borges' The Library of Babel. The buildings were made in SketchUp since these kind of structures tend to get tricky to render in perspective. The idea was to create an image of four ancient mega-structures that themselves were housed in a more massive building. I then began to think about populating it with modern tourists to give an idea of scale.  

A screen shot of the drawing after it has been mostly rendered but not fully resolved. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fun with 3D Programs

I approached digital drawing in an attempt to cut out the unnecessary labor involved with traditional media. The main issue so far has been the convincing rendering of perspective for hexagons. The hexagon being a recurring figure in Borges' The Library of Babel, yet another story that has obsessed me recently.  It's this need to enhance the believability of my dreamscapes that led me to explore 3D rendering software to build these ephemeral structures.  So far my program of choice is Google SketchUp. The forgiving nature of the program and its intuitive interface allow me to create/sketch multiple structures in a day, as opposed to the time, money, and uncertainty of a physical model. These basic structures are then fully realized in Photoshop where I apply the tools of illusion to render my haunting temples.
The images here are the beginning of a series I wish to explore further. The idea behind it all is to create a series of prints of fictional temples that have become more beautiful with the passage of time.  This is something I would like to expand on once I organize my thoughts more.