Monday, January 25, 2016

Witness the Mountains of Madness

I took a break from Borges and my usual reading list to explore science fiction literature and see what I was able to extrapolate from it. I can't remember why but H.P. Lovecraft seemed like the right author to explore at this time in my life. Having never read him I did not know what to explore but was pleasantly surprised at what I found. His personal believes on race not so much. I got from his stories a fear of the unknown and how existence itself becomes more traumatic when knowledge of the unknown is grasped. Given my appreciation for science and skeptical inquiry I could not see it (though HPL himself expressed similar interests.) Maybe it's the good fortune of living in this time that allows me a more optimistic outlook. Whatever the reason, I decided to revisit the idea of the tourist in the image and using her to defang the horror of unknown. 

Beginning stages of the drawing.

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