Saturday, August 11, 2012

 This is some progress on a series based on the short story by Borges "The Library of Babel." I am basing it on a half remembered dream, a hypnogogic state, while spending a week at Squam Lake. Prior to this vision I had been working on ideas to illustrate the above mentioned text. Early one morning I saw this image but decided not to record it. Since then I have been trying to recreate it...this is the best I can do to communicate it. It seems to draw from some of Renato Nicolodi and Piranesi. My problem in rendering this image is deciding the proper place to straddle the dream world and the real world. Or in other words, how to communicate this phantom to an audience.
Since I'm on a kick of not leaving an image to exist by its lonesome self (i.e. keep doing goddamn diptychs and trilogies) I decided to make this image to accompany the hypnogogic one. There is another one, not shown, that accompanies these two. It is based on the Colombian justice palace.  

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