Wednesday, September 9, 2015

test animatiom


cmc said...

Hi Juan,
This is Craig Cook, we met at Zoe Savitsky's parties at least twice. I am an architect in DC and an admirer of your work and the narrative potential it has. I'm looking at entering two different competitions that would benefit from multi-disciplinary collaboration. The competitions are "Fairy Tales"at : ; and A Monument to the Death of Modernism:
by my reading of this it is less about a reactionary response against modernism but more about the way memory and the meaning of monument and modern recirculate. There are some Borges references in the competition brief that first made me think of you.
Anyway, if you are interested in collaborating and have the time please feel free to contact me at my website: Caveat: These are all glory, no (or little) money competitions!
Thanks! I hope to hear from you.

cmc said...

Strike the Decorbusiers - I just looked at the brief and it is for students only!