Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fun with 3D Programs

I approached digital drawing in an attempt to cut out the unnecessary labor involved with traditional media. The main issue so far has been the convincing rendering of perspective for hexagons. The hexagon being a recurring figure in Borges' The Library of Babel, yet another story that has obsessed me recently.  It's this need to enhance the believability of my dreamscapes that led me to explore 3D rendering software to build these ephemeral structures.  So far my program of choice is Google SketchUp. The forgiving nature of the program and its intuitive interface allow me to create/sketch multiple structures in a day, as opposed to the time, money, and uncertainty of a physical model. These basic structures are then fully realized in Photoshop where I apply the tools of illusion to render my haunting temples.
The images here are the beginning of a series I wish to explore further. The idea behind it all is to create a series of prints of fictional temples that have become more beautiful with the passage of time.  This is something I would like to expand on once I organize my thoughts more.

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